Fighthouse - About Us
Retail and wholesale warehouse for Martial Arts gear.
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About us

About Fight House

Fighthouse is a Martial Arts equipment wholesale clearance house and retail outlet located in Newcastle, NSW. We stock and supply a vast range of Martial Arts uniforms, belts, protective equipment, weapons and targets. Fighthouse is committed to providing competitive wholesale and retail pricing, products via our online presence, and specialist resellers.

Fighthouse has been providing martial arts equipment under the name ‘Hunter’ since 1989 in the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie area, with customers travelling all the way from Sydney and Port Macquarie. Martial artists can find whatever they need here, and we have been supplying equipment for instructors to both open their own schools, as well as outfit their students with uniforms, belts, and all the training gear they need. Thus, we have created a reputation in the area to supply top quality products for martial artists of all disciplines.


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